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In the 60's sex was wide open for youths between the age 15 thru to 25. Sex was something fun, easy and could be experimented with. A percentage older generations over their 40's had a problem in that as they were supposed to set a good example of what sex really meant. Sex was only for married couples. When couples got married they were supposed to settle down and be sensible and raise a family, but some folks in that generation decided that sex was fun and can be experimented with other married couples. So they started to participate in wife swapping. Wife swapping began with a little touching and kissing, and later advanced to petting and sex. Through to the end of the 60's and early 70's wife swapping was for one or two couples having sex between that small groups. Later the groups grew in size. Younger couples in their 30's also began to enter the wife swapping scene. Wife swapping soon changes rapidly into threesomes and then singles with married couples. As social attitudes changed and grew gays, lesbian and bi-sexual couples emerged. In the late 80's and throughout the 90's wife swapping clubs and organizations sprang out everywhere. Men and women began to like the swapping scene and term swapping was soon replaced by "Swinging".

You can view human like any other humans on this planet. They are not put together to be in a monogamous relationship. Humans are given the power of sex primarily for the multiplication of the human species. In today's society we have more needs for delayed in marriage and have children. We no longer need to pass the family name on. Hence, sex does not equate to have children and starting up a family. Sex is view as a way to explore our sexuality and our needs of satisfaction. Due to the changes in the society's views men and women have decided to break this tradition and to satisfy themselves sexually. We as human are poly-sexual and this is how wife swapping came about.

It is said the wife swapping is not for everyone. This may be very true because some of us are unable to go beyond our emotions and needs of our sexual preferences. They cannot deny their own sexual preferences as it is again the God. Lastly, we come to jealousy. Jealousy is not an emotion it is a fear that we experience. We all have some sort of fear. They may include fear of inadequacy, fear of loosing and fear of not getting their shares and possession.

Wife swapping is forever growing. In this aspect, we are also growing in a way of learning about ourselves and others. We have all learnt wife swapping requires a open mind, good communications which will promote good family relationship as well as the ability to work and get along with others.

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