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Wife Swapping Christian

Under a religious point of view wife swapping is not alright. It is a sin. Wife swapping is a distorted practice where married couples get together and exchange wives with whom to go and have a sexual relationship with. The bible says that marriage should be honored by both parties meaning to remain faithful to each other at all times as per the oath you both have taken on you wedding day. It is also said that the marriage bed should be kept pure for the God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral (Heb 13:4). In the scripture it does not say what husbands and wives are or are not allowed to do sexually. It does say that husbands and wives are not to "Do not leave without each others except by mutual consent and for a time (1 Cor 7:5a). This phase may have laid down the principle for sexual relations among marry couples. Whatever needs to be done or to do should require mutual agreed. No one should be persuaded or force into doing something they are uncomfortable or against there will. If a marry couples have both agree to try something new such as a new sexual position or oral sex and etc. then the bible does not prohibit you from doing such things.

The Bible does not allow the practice of wife swapping. Wife swapping is considered as adultery. This is considered sinful and forbidden in the scripture. This is regardless whether your partner approves or allows it. All pornography that is appealing to the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes are also prohibited and condemned by the God.

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