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Wife Swapping Stories

There are many real life wife swapping stories. Have a look for yourself:

Spice up you marriage

My wife Julie and I have been together forever. We started wife swapping after being married for 9 years and we have been doing it for 3 years now. After 11 years of marriage, I still love Julie a lot and she is the only woman who can get me rock hard in a matter of seconds.

We started wife swapping because we wanted to further explore our sexuality and to enhance sexual needs and wants. It all started from meeting a couple, Dan and Eve at the local pubs. After a few meetings invited them over to our place for a casual drink and one thing lead to the other. Soon we were all over each other. Julie took Dan into the bedroom and Eve and I just did it in on the lounge. The sex was great. I had a really great time. The best thing was I've never seen my wife so turned on before. I was extremely turned on by seeing her with another man. Hearing her moaning and groaning made me more excited. For several months she was like a sexual animal - even when we were alone.

After the each encounter we would talk for hours and Julie and I would give each other the very details of what we've done. Through Dan and Eve we have met other couples. We often go out and have fun together. Julie and I have certain rules to our encounter and one of those is anal sex. We have no problems obeying it.

Recently we have turned our search of other wife swapping couples on the internet. It is great because we can chat online and if things are right we just me up. We have made many new friends this way. Every month we would have a wife swapping party at our place for some fun. Julie and I can't imagine life without the extra spice we have put into our marriage. We are hooked.

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