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Husband Swapping

Husband swapping is not something new, but it is not commonly heard of. It is where wives swap their husband's for sexual activities such as oral, anal or penetrative sex either in the same room or in separate room, but close by.

Husbands who enter the swapping scene usually have been married for sometime. This means that he and his wife have experience life together, know of each others wants and needs, and etc. They usually have a very close bond where they love, trust, and understand each other very much.

By swapping, the husband is not considered cheating on their partner because both of them have agreed upon swapping. Many would think that it is the husband choice to swap, but in fact it is usually the wife who wishes to engage in such a way of life.

Swapping is never view as unfaithful to your partner. Instead it is view as a way to further enhance the existing relationship in understanding each others' needs and wants, as well as enhancement sexually.

By swapping, the wife knows that her husband is not cheating behind her back. Instead they both get to chose together who they swap with. It is usually, a couple who are friends with. But at times they will experience with other couples just to add more spice to their sexual encounters.

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