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Spouse Swapping

Spouse swapping is the exchanging partners for sexual favours this can include:

Soft-Swap - it involves no vaginal penetration between non-spouses. But does involved some kind of kissing, flirting, caressing, touching, and oral sex. Those couples, who prefer soft-swap usually like the variety of new sexual partners, but prefer to save the intimacy of sex for their spouse.

Full Swap - this involves everything from kissing, flirting, caressing, touching, oral sex, full vaginal penetration, to anal sex between non-spouses. It can be in the same room or separate rooms. Those couples who enter full swapping, experience ultimate sexual adventures like never before.

Swapping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all parties involved. Spouses should get equal enjoyment as well as equal experience. Exchange of spouses allows those involve to enhance there sexual experience. It also allow couples to better appreciate there spouse.

Swapping between spouses takes a lot of understanding, trust, and love to do so. It is not simply for those couples who are in a rocky relationship or for those who are lack of trust. It is important that spouses understand why they are do it together and not just because one wants to. Without understanding "why", will only develop into jealously and possessiveness.

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